Events Programme

All indoor events are held in Stinchcombe Village Hall starting at 7.30pm unless stated otherwise.

Entry fee £3, all welcome


Friday 15th February Rose Hewlett House History – tips on how to trace the history of your house
Friday 5th April Trudy Chinn &  Kath Hudson Written in Stone: Monumental Inscriptions in St Cyr’s Churchyard
Friday 13th September Trudy Chinn &     Kath Hudson
Charity Begins at Home  - a talk based on the Stinchcombe Charities’ documents
Sunday 22nd September (10am - 4pm)st November Archeoscan Geophysics and Metal Detecting Day at the Old Parsonage, Wick Lane, Stinchcombe (£5)
Friday 1st November Paul Barnett The Cotswolds Navy – what’s in a name!