Key Facts

It’s your Village Hall:

  • The land and building are held in a charitable trust established for the benefit of the people of Stinchcombe and the immediate vicinity.

How it started

  • The land belonged to a local landowner and was given in 1954 for a Village Hall. The new Hall opened in October 1955. Two members of the current Management Committee remember their parents raising money to build it and helping with its construction.
  • The purposes for the hall outlined in the original trust document include: “physical and mental training ... recreation ... intellectual development ... though the medium of ... rooms ..., classes, recreations and entertainments ... for the benefit of the inhabitants of ... Stinchcombe and its immediate vicinity without distinction of sex or of political religious or other opinions.” Those purposes remain and could probably not be changed.

The facilities

  • Access via large double doors and a ramp lead into a large hall with dimmable lighting and a stage (plus a sound system and hearing loop if required), with a seating area and green space outside; a kitchen; and toilets accessible to disabled people and with baby changing facilities.
  • There is another meeting room (usually known as the ‘Committee Room’) with its own small kitchen area, toilet facilities and access from the car park – with a ramp if needed.
  • It has all been recently refurbished, with much help from the community as well as grants. It is very attractive, with programmable heating and energy efficient lighting throughout.

What goes on at the Hall

  • The Village Hall hosts a wide variety of classes, clubs, meetings, events and lettings including classes or groups which residents are welcome to join.
  • The Management Committee plans some events for the community but, as a small committee, can only do so much.
  • Other activities for the community are started by residents. In the past year, two new and successful groups, which meet at the Village Hall, have been started by residents: Village Voices and the History Society. If you see a need, have an idea, or want to start something, the Hall is there for you.
  • The Parish Council meets at the Hall and it is also used for other village meetings.
  • It is let for celebrations or other events. Why not think about hiring it for a special event?


  • The car park is part of the village hall and people attending an event have priority. Hire charges for the Village Hall include use of the car park. A few residents have a licence to park overnight. Otherwise, overnight parking is prohibited.
  • We understand that it can be helpful for residents to leave a car in the car park for a short period occasionally. Please contact the Bookings Secretary, Margaret Wannell, about this in advance to check availability and to ensure that we don’t think the car is abandoned.

How it works

  • The members of the Village Hall Management Committee are the ‘Charity Trustees’, responsible for managing and preserving the charity’s assets, including generating the income to keep the hall open and in good repair. They lead the charity, decide how it is run and are responsible for making sure it's doing what it was set up to do.
  • Any resident can become a member of the Management Committee. Committee members are elected at AGM but may also be co-opted. AGMs are normally held in November and publicised in advance.
  • Lettings and fees are an important way of generating income necessary to keep the Hall open.
  • This type of trust has a ‘Custodian Trustee’ which holds the deeds to the property but is not involved in the management of the trust. The Parish Council is our Custodian Trustee.

How to get involved

  • Become a member of the Management Committee.
  • Help out on an occasional basis – it’s invaluable to have a list of people who are willing to do specific things, or help out at events, without being on the Management Committee.
  • Organise an event for people in the village.
  • Start a new group or activity. For example, it would be good to have more activities for children. We have a lot of equipment and toys for young children. Could you help get an activity for children going?
  • If you are interested in any of these, please contact any member of the Committee – you’ll find names and contact details on this website.

How to find out more

  • The website has information about activities, facilities, how to book and rates, Committee members as well as a detailed calendar of events. We also have a Facebook page and try to include information regularly in the village newsletter and Enews.